A Cold & Wet Start to 2018

We were all ready to hit the ground running this year but when we did all the ice made us slip and slide and put us at risk of all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries!  And now April has come and … Read more »

The Carty Christmas Carol 2016

The lawnmowers have been put away, the last leaves have been cleared up and we’re chiselling the mud from our safety boots.  It’s time to put our brooms, hoes and trowels down and wish our customers a very happy Christmas and … Read more »

We have hit the new growing season running!

Staff training.  We take it very seriously.  Carty Services’ employees love their jobs and learn a lot on the go, but, we’re growing like the tenacious bindweed (now up to 15 employees at the height of the summer) and the … Read more »

Scarifying – Saving Your Lawn

It’s the time of year when lawns tend to be at their least attractive.  The elements have sought to attack them with the worst that autumn and winter can throw at it:  rain and frost, and worst of all, a … Read more »

Warwickshire Employer of the Year Shortlist!

Fantastic news:  we have just found out that we’ve been shortlisted for the 2015 Warwickshire of the Year award.  This is run by Plus One Personnel in Banbury and sponsored by the Leamington Courier.  We are really looking forward to the … Read more »

The Carty Christmas Carol

As it is Epiphany, and for those of you who have been following our version of the Twelve Days of Christmas on our Facebook and Twitter pages (and for those who haven’t!), here is the twelfth day in full: On … Read more »

Mistletoe Blog

Mistletoe is the generic name for a type of hemi-parasitic plant (it provides part of its food itself, part from the host plant) which attaches itself to the branches of trees and shrubs.  The most popular mistletoe used at Christmas … Read more »