A Cold & Wet Start to 2018

Shakespeare and friend

Shakespeare and friend

We were all ready to hit the ground running this year but when we did all the ice made us slip and slide and put us at risk of all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries!  And now April has come and it’s trying to drown us all in rain!  What is going on???

So, we are having a slow start to this year’s growing season.  We normally start with scarifying all our lawns but they’ve either been frozen or sodden so this will now be moved to the autumn season, conditions permitting.  Thankfully the weeds have been just as slow so we are maintaining these at a good pace and we can now start mowing in earnest as the conditions warm up.

We have been out line marking at our schools over the Easter holiday period.  Many of the children will come back to neatly trimmed playing fields complete with football pitches and athletics tracks ready for the new term.

With the forecast set to warm up but not dry up over the coming weeks we are set for increased growth rates of all plants so please bear with us as we make our way round the sites, we will be with you.  The grass and weeds grow as fast as we can hoe and mow in these conditions.

Any problems or queries, please let us know.  And if you haven’t used us before, why not ask for a quote?

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