The Carty Christmas Carol

As it is Epiphany, and for those of you who have been following our version of the Twelve Days of Christmas on our Facebook and Twitter pages (and for those who haven’t!), here is the twelfth day in full:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Carty Services sent to me:

  • twelve pots of pansies, eleven bags of compost
  • ten trays of bedding, nine ladies weeding
  • eight mates-a-mowing
  • seven men-a-strimming
  • six geezers spraying
  • five slug rings
  • four calling clients
  • three lost trowels
  • two muddy gloves
  • and a red van full of gardeners, three.

And that’s just on one site!

One thing about this job, it’s easy to work off all that Christmas indulgence.  So it’s back to the spade, mower and vacuum cleaner for us.  Happy New Year everyone!


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